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"is the authoritative technological - management - service animal procurement - financial resource."
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Strategic Planning  .  US ä    Our logo is from a Viking era tapestry indicating the family of all corners of the world "
Strategic Planning . US ä  has established itself as the international leader in    
Development and  Management Planning. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing programs.   Our staff has been at the forefront  with local governments throughout the world with focus in the Americas and Asia.   Planning for distressed areas entails additional skills which our company offers our clients including human capital planning, creative financing, public private partnerships, and most importantly structure participatory planning.   Our governmental fiscal analysis and management plans are focused on accountability and progress...  Perimeter Stabilization Guarantee Systems... Detection & Service Animal training for individuals with disibilities and orgs.
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Strategy: Noun -An overall, long term approach/direction a company aims to follow to achieve its goals
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T. E. Kotas C.F.S, Chairman - Dr. Hamilton Cunningham, General Counsel/COO - Prof. Winston C. Thomas, Vice Chair - Hon. James A. McClellan M.A., CFO - J. D. Guirl Ph.D., CSO -  Jorge Canasto, Executive V.P. - Dr. Charles C. King III, Chief of Research - C.Y. Shen, Chief Intl. Econ/FInance - Regina Roswald P.A., Board Member - K.C. Duke Hoel, Board Member - J. E. Coleman M.S., Board Member - S. P. Song P.E., Board Member - Jose Ojeda Ph.D, Board Member - Julio Taknaka M.S., Board Member - Dr. J. Chrisrebo, Board Member... T. E. Kotas awarded 2016 prestigious " CSA Futurist Honor "
 "Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds."   - Albert Einstein
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Strategic Planning . US Corp.:"Govt. &  Corporate Analysis  for Management of  Resource Resoration  Finances"  -Lat. Daily
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