NanoAlphaä  consortium formed by
scientists/researchers - a company dedicated to catastrophe prevention  
and nano material perimeter research - utilizing NanoAlpha's NanoInterceptorä  Technologies

... also/& installs new  NanoAlphaä Governing Board...
NanoAlphaä : formation to regulate and verify worldwide Nano research/scientific findings.  Also collaborating with the group  is
focused on ChemEnergy Tracks for 'Nano Research'
More than 5,000+ nano-material containing products have been patented in the United States...  
Companies can begin to protect against future claims by  implementating all safeguards that are
currently issued and begin to be integrated in the regulation standards that are just now being
and of a voluntary nature.

NanoThunder™ & NanoThorium™... thorium alloy - NanoNat™ Pure Natural/precise products of Key West Register Corp./Research
 ...named after 'Thor' the "Norse God of Thunder".

Biomarker Nanoretrieverä developed for Nanotect segragted applications for various molecules
NanoAlphaä / BioSecurity Professional Analysis & Structure Classification/Hardening (NanoAlphaä Services )
 is the leader in containment technology for Nano-Physical Structures.  Registered Board Member of Science Research Consortium
NanoAlphaä researches & reviews... facilities that conform to BSL 1, 2, 3 or 4 standards of the CDC (NIH Center of Disease Control)
with the following features and benefits: Simultaneously meet BSL 1,2,3,4 and ISO 5,6,7 cleanroom standards.
Automatic negative pressure control that compensates for opening of doors, hood operation and
filter restriction changes for additional changes etc..

Our work continues  in conjunction with our partner group ERDI US ( Eco Development Research Institute)...
developing structures & systems capable of performing a quadrillion per second /
 1,000,000,000,000,000 calculations a second

BioSecurity Nanotect "Detect DogService Dogs" for facility Verification/Detection & Notification Certified by USWDä

WE. will begin to analyze if a private placement transaction process is beneficial - when it  is announced then:
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