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                Casitas in Florida Keys Sanctuary Endanger Lobsters/Habitat... Casitas Spanish for “little house”
                Creates problems in Keys... when placed in the seagrass beds of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, would
                be the perfect home for the spiny lobster (absent the picket fence). But this artificial habitat makes easy pickings for
                poachers to harvest thousands of lobsters a day, & it’s destroying the seagrass beds & hardbottom communities that
                lobsters, fish, and other marine life need to survive. Enforcement of casitas has been a top management priority for
                Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for a number of years. NOAA law enforcers have removed more than 2,000
                of these illegal structures. While the actual number of illegal casitas is unknown, there are reliable estimates that as
                many as 20,000 have been placed throughout the Sanctuary and adjacent waters. this info provided by NOAA.
first Est. Key West 1829... 'first in Florida Keys News'
                As per NOAA: "Watching Invasion!" - "Asian Tiger Shrimp Sightings Prompts Scientific Look at Invasion Concerns. The
                recent sightings of non-native Asian tiger shrimp off the U.S. Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico coasts has government scientists
                working to determine the cause of the increase and the possible consequences for native fish and seafood in those
                waters. Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration are working
                with state agencies from North Carolina to Texas to look into how this transplanted species from Indo-Pacific, Asian &
                Australian waters reached U.S. waters, and what the increase in sightings means for native species. NOAA scientists are
                launching a research effort to understand more about the biology of these shrimp & how they may affect the ecology
                of native fisheries and coastal ecosystems. As with all non-native species, there are concerns over the potential for novel
                avenues of disease transmission and competition with native shrimp stocks, especially given the high growth rates &
                spawning rates compared with other species."  See for more info... & Lionfish continue to menace  the Keys!
             NOAA Fisheries Workshops: Protected Species & Sharks!
                NOAA Fisheries Announces Workshops on Atlantic Shark Identification & Protected Species Release, Disentanglement,
                & Identification in April, May, & June (contact NOAA) Free Atlantic Shark Identification Workshops & Protected Species
                Safe Handling, Release, and Identification Workshops will be held in April, May, and June of 2013. Certain fishermen
                and shark dealers are required to attend a workshop to meet regulatory requirements and maintain valid permits.
                Specifically, the Atlantic Shark Identification Workshop is mandatory for all federally permitted Atlantic shark dealers.
                The Protected Species Safe Handling, Release, & Identification Workshop is mandatory for vessel owners & operators
                who use bottom longline, pelagic longline, or gillnet gear, and who have also been issued shark or swordfish limited
                access permits. Additional free workshops will be conducted during 2012 and will be announced in a future notice
                more info at & 'Researcch White Papers' being developed by org
                ..."Saving Sharks!" - ConchFestä & are: Research & Celebrations for 'Saving Our Fragile Marine
                 ...NOAA advises anyone seeing a Stranded Dolphin in Gulf of Mexico - Call... & Keep Pets Away!
                 Update Jan. 20, 2016: "Study Shows Some Gulf Dolphins Severely Ill"... Bottlenose dolphins in Barataria Bay, Louisiana,
                 are showing signs of severe ill health, according to NOAA marine mammal biologists and their local, state, federal &
                 other research partners. Barataria Bay, located in the northern Gulf of Mexico, received heavy & prolonged exposure
                 to oil during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Based on comprehensive physicals of 32 live dolphins from Barataria Bay
                 in the past summers, preliminary results show that many of the dolphins in the study are underweight, anemic, have
                 low blood sugar and/or some symptoms of liver and lung disease. Nearly half also have abnormally low levels of the
                 hormones that help with stress response, metabolism and immune function. Researchers fear that some of the study
                 dolphins are in such poor health that they will not survive. ...NOAA and its local, state and federal partners started
                 the Barataria Bay dolphin study in past as part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), the process for
                 studying the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. NOAA is sharing the preliminary results from the study so that
                 stranding responders and veterinarians can better care for live stranded dolphins... Dolphin Phone  877.942.5343   -
          Oil barrel price! $50+/-! & Future?! "I need to shift & drink a Hulacane !"
   "I don't remember the first cigar I ever smoked.  It couldn't have been a very good one though, otherwise the first
fellow who had it wouldn't have thrown it away so soon" -Mark Twain
              click   Jason Carder's 'Coming Home' - Review:  Onboard 'Fighting Joan Marie',
              a MAKO 284 Offshore Fishing Machine, our day had ended chasing Marlin in the Gulf Stream under the stars.  As the sky
              sparkled near Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas we drifted and began to enjoy a 'Fuente Fuente Forbidden X' as well as the
              contents of a just opened bottle of Grand Marnier Cent Cinquantenaire.  Captain Cuba (.com) brought a new CD by
              Artist Jason Carder - 'Coming Home'... As the magical tones of Jason Carder's cornet danced the Gulf Stream sky we were
              mesmerized by the selections of "The Very Thought of you", "Misty" and "Amazing Grace"!... & others!  This "Debut Album
              'Coming Home' was inspired by his return to the place where he was raised and to the classic songs that made him fall in
              love with jazz."   This CD blends the talents of Jason Carder (trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn) with Jeff Haskell on the piano,
              Bruce Winston  playing saxophone and Chuck Bergeron on the bass.  We suggest that you add this to your 'Collection Of
              Stars'... 'Coming Home' has achieved Key West Register's Highest Rating of 'Five Stars'!   (Note: click album to order!)

               ? Over the next few months & years, we will learn a lot more about the consequences of the 'Flooding Dollars'!  
                "The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace, and conspire against it in times of adversity.  It is more
                despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis
                approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been
                enthroned, an era of corruption will follow & the money power of the country will endeavor and prolong its reign by
                working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated into a few hands and the republic is
  destroyed." -Abraham Lincoln 1864...   ' WORLD IS FLAT! ...BROKE!ä '
    FLORIDAKEYS.US...'Where Rainbows & Dolphins Meet To Watch Sunsets"ä
               "Key West to Cuba flightS   begin!" -U.S. Customs    
                ...provided U.S. regulations are followed & properly licensed as per requirements for travel between the two
                countries... at this time due to limitations of Key West International Airport... flights will be restricted to a maximum
          of ten passengers.  Service EYW to HAV to commence soon!
               Monroe County Commission Continues Party: "Gone Wild"! Tax $$$?  
                visitors on fish caught & pay a toll to enter Keys?.. Revenues go to toilet flushes for all? & Key West Garbage rates up?
                & so are the Key West City Commission Salaries/Benefits... voted to increase their own 'Pay Levels'... of course City
                Manager did a study on the Commission issue for his bosses?... comparing compensations with other municipalities...
                Question was raised!... Did they not know what they would be paid when they 'ran' for Commission Seats? & Maybe
                they could actually 'Govern' different from other 'cash starved' municipalities and take 'No' cash for their positions?
                *Editors Note: City of Key West should follow recycling plan by a Las Vegas Casino group!  Support 'Soap Recycling'!
                Leftover bars of soap are sterilized & remanufactured... sent to needy areas throughout the World! Cleanup World!
                Key West The Dog... Has been inducted into the Key West Sporting Club (.com)  First Founded 1939 - www.KWSC.US
         "...Remember: 'You've got a lot of Friends when you got Candy!'™"-KWTD
                                   ...a Caribbean atoll (14N16, 80W24) & past U.S. Territory?  ...a Mystery  ...a Treasure  ...a Exposé
                                   ...a Key West Institute Released  'White Paper: SouthWestCay™' at KWR site.
              & in past! a County Commissioner wanted to turn MTH (Marathon Airport) into a Casino!...
                for a revenue source? ...& 'Trailer Trash'? Marathon City had first Offices in trailers!  Maybe High Stakes
                No-Limit Hold'em Poker Games at MTH (Airport) did not fund the permanent 'Hurricane Proof Buildings'? Was MTH
                originally Native American Ground?...then?  Guess what? County & City could continue to inflate budgets & Spend.

Islamorda 'Incorporated' to Keep... Out?  But Clowns need a place too?
               Islamorda was 'Incorporated' to keep McDonald's out?!... &
                Sewers debated for years... now Village Citizens getting 'plunged' & sewer flows will go 'over the fence' to Key  Largo!
                & after raising taxes and hiring a 'Large' Village Staff... 'SHTF' as Council will have to face escalating costs! &..."I
                sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world" -Walt Whitman"... &... "It is time to cut our area's costs & be
                managed again by the County" -30 year Islamorada resident & "Council Lost In Space!" -Past Village CouncilPerson
              Key West Register's Exclusive info soon!
                 first Est. Key West 1829... 'first in Florida Keys News'      Read! 'KWTD'
     GossipPurple Hazeville Daze: "The Sportfshing Captal of World! Tax Per lb. Catches" -a Commish
                  U.S. Beaches... major pollution concerns? Florida Keys Water Quality Report for our Beaches  
                    ...and also... so you like Conch Fritters? "NOAA Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Measures to Address Overfishing
                    of Queen Conch in the U.S. Caribbean NOAA Fisheries seeks public comment on a proposed rule that would
                    implement measures to address overfishing of Caribbean queen conch in the U.S. Caribbean. This rule would extend
                    the queen conch seasonal closure from 3 months to 5 months, and prohibit fishing for & possession of queen conch in
                    or from the Caribbean exclusive economic zone (EEZ) east of 64°34' W. longitude, which includes Lang Bank east of
                    St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, when harvest and possession of queen conch is prohibited in St. Croix territorial waters
                    as a result of a territorial quota closure. The intended effects of this proposed rule are to prevent additional fishing
                    pressure on queen conch in the U.S. Caribbean, and to improve enforcement of regulations affecting the queen
                    conch resource by improving compatibility among Federal and territorial regulations. "... go to NOAA website for
                    more information or to submit a comment... also another source is  ...& remember KWR's
BugButter™ when cooking the Queens!
United States Environmental Protection Agency... 'KWTD' says: "Always Be Prepared!" - EPA's RadNet
air monitors U.S. fluctuations in background radiation levels -U.S. EPA...
EPA site interprets data       
                    Protecting Wild Dolphins! from Sonar effects testing, Ship hits & Oil spills?  "HelpOur Friends!"
                    Update Dec 2018... In past: as per NOAA Finds Bacterial Infection as Cause of Death for 5 Northern Gulf Dolphins;
                    Investigation Continues ...Pathology experts contracted by NOAA have identified the bacteria Brucella in five
                    bottlenose dolphins that died in the northern Gulf of Mexico. These five are among the 580 dolphins in higher than
                    expected strandings that began in February 2010 and are continuing. NOAA has declared it an “unusual mortality
                    event,” triggering a focused, expert investigation into the cause. NOAA is working with a team of marine mammal
                    health experts, including veterinarians, epidemiologists, biologists & toxicologists, to investigate the cause of death
                    for as many of the 580 dolphins as possible.  ...Brucella are commonly found in populations of marine & terrestrial
                    animals throughout the world, but infection in humans is rare in the U.S., and there are no documented U.S. cases
                    of Brucella in humans originating from marine sources. NOAA advises anyone who sees a stranded dolphin in the
                    Gulf of Mexico region to call 1-877-Whale Help (877.942.5343). The stranded dolphin should not be touched, and
                    pets should be kept away from the dolphin as well.  In addition, cooking seafood kills the Brucella bacterium, and
                    as there have been only 3cases globally linking Brucella infection to consumption of raw seafood, there is minimal
                    risk of exposure to humans through seafood consumption.  ...& Past Dolphin News: "NOAA scientists participate in
                    the Behavioral Response Study of Cetaceans to Navy Sonar, Southern California Scientists from NOAA's Southwest
                    Fisheries Science Center are participating in a Navy sponsored study known as SOCAL-10, Biological and Behavioral
                    Response Studies of Marine Mammals in Southern California. SOCAL-10 is designed to measure the response of
                    cetaceans to Navy mid-frequency sonar and, potentially, other sounds sources.  This project is a collaboration with
                    researchers at NOAA, Cascadia Research, Duke University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Scripps Institution
                    of Oceanography... & Navy researchers."  Editor's Note on Gulf Oil Spill as well as the continued 'take/sonar testing'
                    off of FL in Bahamas area (in addition to Southern California tests) & response: We applaud all
                    efforts to protect Marine Mammals! However NOAA states; "Although severely limited in our continued ability to
                    move dolphins out of their natural habitats in response to the oil spill" as well as other orgs believe
                    that most of the dolphins can be relocated to 'safe wild areas'  that are in 'Non-Sonar Testing Take Areas' in the
                    Bahamas & other Caribbean locations - funds are an excuse?  -Also Note: the term'Take' refers to harming & death
                    to these creatures. Oil Sllicks? Capt. 'CB' King said to KWR Reporter: "It is not the right type of Conch Cook'n Oil
                    for 'Keys Pinks' (Shrimp)!"   All donations to Key West Institute will be distributed to such orgs equally that facilitate
                    the efforts to relocate 'Dolphins'... Donations? checks to: Key West Institute Corp. P.O. Box 1119, Key West, FL, 33041
                                                                  (not a Federal tax exempt deduction & are kept confidential)
                     'Sailfish Club'                                     
                       (sign years past... at the Bight in EYW.US)                   prepared for Hurricane Season?... remember your boat!
                 United States Environmental Protection Agency lists U.S. Drinking Water Contaminant Limits ...Full List here! !
    "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, He will not bite you.  This is the principal difference between
a dog and a man." -Mark Twain
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                    Corner Talk:"sewers Duval St. are labeled 'Flows to Sea' So I don't Pee & Pollute        Truman the Dog
                    there"-Bar Patron. -written on the street at the corner of Olivia St & Emma "Lost Cat Two
                    Toned/Brown and White, His Name is 'Cat', Please Call  294.xxxx" ...soon! more Key West the Dog 'Street Quotes'
                    Yachtsman's 2018 Guide for Bahamas & U.S.V.I.     
                    "2018 Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas! & 13th Ed. Yachtsman's Guide to the Virgin Islands... finest authoritative
                    resources for all cruising these Caribbean regions!"-- KWR ...Updated and published annually since 1950 with the
                    endorsement and sponsorship of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Nearly 500 pages chocked full of useful island
                    boating information including detailed tips on how to cross the Gulf Stream, where to stay, and what to do. Includes
                    sketch charts, aerial and ground photographs, and detailed information... Key West Register's 'Research Affiliate' the
                    Bahamas Institute (.com) always has this book down below in the chart room for the 'Joan Marie' during all Bahamas
                    2018 research expeditions as well as the 'Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands' which is a "Must Have" for Expert Mariners!
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 In The Keys: "Free Beer Tomorrow"...Now Just A Memory!  
Column: Keys Politics, Keys Institutions & Those Who Should Be In One! ...Updated Dec. 2018
"Some Where Over the Rainbow"?... Key West Register supports all citizens getting involved in the Keys governance process...  It is time to be 'Economically Correct' and to grab the rainbow with the pot of gold for the future of FloridaKeys.US... here are suggestions in a 'coconut shell'... in Key West Duval Area: close Duval St. to traffic and make it pedestrian friendly in evenings (or 24/7 ?)... add some tropical greenery on Duval Street?... stagger visitor traffic from cruise ships to different 'dropoffs'... create 'Conchvilleä Steel Drum Ambassador Performers' to meet the cruise ships... (yes-they could distribute coupons too!)... & Truman Waterfront development? -make whole design an 'Upscale Small Street Village' with residential, shops, dining & entertainment... the future dictates that the time has passed for non-revenue producing albatrosses ... all Truman Waterfront decisions should be made on 'commercial basis methods'... & smile more!  Key Largo: add 50 coconut palms and place large five foot terra cotta pots along U.S.1... cleanup the 'Lady' (African Queen) and make her a shrine & festival... slow traffic to 30 mph & smile more!  Islamorada: enrich off synergies... acquire properties across from Worldwide Sportsman all the way down to Green Turtle Inn & make a mini park area honoring Sportfishing (large bronze sailfish)... make that region a pedestrian area & incentives for adjacent merchant property investments... attempt more locals to 'think pink' & paint more buildings pink (of course 'morada' tambien) & smile more!  Marathon: place new quality 'Welcome' signage of 'large stone material' at City limits... Marathon Airport? -solicit a restaurateur of 'Keys Cuisine' & promote even for car travelers going farther south... vegetation needed as well as 7 Mile Bridge notations throughout the city (Bridge to Keys Heaven!) & smile more! Lower Keys-Big Pine: simply, a small bronze of a Key Deer & 'Family Park Stop' adjacent to U.S.1... & smile more! "Times are chang'n"... make sure the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is 'banked' in the FloridaKeys.US!... & smile more!... “Well, I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest because Aunt Sally she's going to adopt me and civilize me and I can't stand it. I  been there before.”  --Huckleberry Finn/Mark Twain...  & "Smile More!ä"
 FLORIDAKEYS.US ...'Where Rainbows & Dolphins Meet To Watch Sunsetsä'
     Key West Register & KWTD Reports Las Vegas!  US1POKER.COMä
                            Hellmuth! Big '16' at 2019 WSOP?  'Tables of Dreams'!'Star' Humberto 'The Shark' Brenes & #2? '
         -Poker Territoryä reports by -US1POKER.COMä ...'finger' for photos of poker tournaments worldwide...
          & Updates! @
     Conchcoctionä Byline!... a Bikini Girl & Hot Stiletto Heels!... &?    
Column: Daily! by a 'Certified Conchcoctionä Mixologist'... Bikini Kimmi blends Conch Rum-Nut Libations garnished with Key West Hot Chicken Wings & the 'FloridaKeys.US Bikini News' catching Fish-Food-Drinks-Divas-& Politicos! Bikini Kimmi has received numerous letters/emails on the subject of her dimensions... Bikini Kimmi recently said at a Press Conference in Key West that she is one inch bigger on top than everyones favorite 'Doll' - Barbie!... "If Barbie was 'life size' her measurements would be 39-23-33... I beat her by a mile... oops!... I mean an inch... 40-23-33! ...Read My Daily Column In 2018!
    Watch 'Sunset' from Key West The Dogs's Favorite Bar!
FLORIDAKEYS.US ...'Where Rainbows & Dolphins Meet To Watch Sunsetsä'
               FloridaKeys.US Road Finds'! A Keys Classic! ... at 7 Mile Bridge in Marathon!
               Florida#2!  in Marijuana Home Factories!
                 & Florida is considering making the herb Salvia Divinorum illegal... Florida bill would make 'salvia' and its extract
                 controlled substances in the same class as marijuana & LSD... felony punishable by up to five years in prison!  Florida
                 passed law in June 2008... if you get caught growing 25 plants (old threshhold 100 plants) you can get a maximum
                 of 30 years in jail dependiing on various criteria -check with local law enforcement authorities for details & updates?!
 "The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall" -Bob Marley
                        Loss of Keys history?  Overseas Liquor & Lounge                       
                       good days reignited? (known historically as 'Overseas Lodge') ... In the lodge's prime it had             FISH MORE!
                       hotel rooms and offered some of the best 'Turtle Steak Dinners' in the Florida Keys... fate of building in the future?
                       Key West Commission Highlights & Economics... 'Annex Waves'?          
                       Now over?  Eaton St. garden area to be removed & Navy road restored after many years!         TRUSTED NEWS!
                       "$33,101.99 for roadway extension and sidewalk along Eaton Street from the Truman Annex Property line to
                       Truman Harbor at the Truman Waterfront by Charley Toppino and Sons"... & Truman Annex gets less 'Exclusive'?
                       ... well probably so with the proposed 'Slip N' Slide?' Water Park next door at Truman Waterfront that would
                       have plastic tubes and other rides? (i.e. Daytona Beach & Myrtle Beach!)... other ideas for the 6+ acres premium
                       U.S. waterfront property includes a planned Village containing housing and academical enrichment regions... ?
                       Update: Truman Waterfront land 'contaminated'? and also a large Mega Yacht Project proposed for area?
                       & 'KEY WEST CITY CLASSIC PAST ARCHIVES: heard in audience at a past meeting -'Rooster War' is escalating...
                       Asst. City Mgr. has made chicken recommendations... referencing the excess chicken population in Key West he
                       indicated that the animals cannot be tortured (Geneva Convention Guidelines?) breaking necks seems to be OK?
                        Note: Citizens should call City Offices for proper 'Rooster Control Actions'!    
                      "Key West is perhaps unique, too, but?       
                       in its tough,survival-oriented constitution, which is also unfortunately currently accompanied by a pessimistic,
                       even depressive social psychology.  Hope about the future of KW was totally & conspicuously lacking in survey
                       responses"  -- as per Gustavus Adolphus College/St. Peter, MN - Prof Karen Larson in the final report on Key
                       West Worker satisfaction presented to the City of Key West.  (Note: 'The Register' mentioned these findings to a
                       another random survey group of workers... 8 out of 10 said they were going to Duval St. to get a 'Hulacane'ä &
                       the other 2 surveyed said they'd go get a 'Team Mojito'ä) & Visit Stock Island 24°34'12" North, 81°44'15" West...
                                     Preserve!                                      Research!                            Educate!
                                     'Fest Past HighLights & WEIRD-SHOTSä     'Always Party!'ä  FloridaKeys.US!
               Missed us again! Time for a drink! a Hulacane Daiquiri! "Born in the Eye™, 2oz Rum &   
               Sugarcane stalk, 2oz Sweet & Sour mix, Secret Ingredient, 1oz pineapple juice, Shake in a circular motion over ice and
               strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with wedge of lime.  Hemingway  - 'Islands in the Stream'... "Thomas Hudson
               ...was drinking another of the frozen Daiquiris with no sugar in it and as he lifted it, heavy and the glass frost-rimmed,
               he looked at the clear part below & the frapped top and it reminded him of the sea."  A Hulacane Conchcoction?

                                 NOTABLE FESTIVALS: Fantasy Fest/Key West 10/18-10/27/'19 & VooDoo Fest/New Orleans/October '19
                                           2019 Key West - Fantasy Fest Theme: 'Celebrating 40 Years Of Fantasy! In Tune But Off Key'
                Tattooed 'Keys'Feeling'!
 "Clothes make the man... naked people have little or no influence on society." -- Mark Twain    
News! National/Florida/Caribe/Asia/ & Europe 'Poker Views Column'
by TBoneDogä & "Tboned Pokerä "-Trademarks of Strategic Planning.US Corp.
WSOP® 2019 Main Event: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em...Schedule at
Collage of Poker Events Around the World
US1POKER.COM 'Road to Turns & Rivers'ä   & other news from the Poker Territory
Bottom Rt.(headband) Antonio Esfiandari winner July 2012 Largest Poker Game in History $18,346,773
Note any photos from a WPT® Event are indicated by: "World Poker Tour clip/photo courtesy of WPT Enterprises, Inc.  & any still photo from a  WPT® Event stated as: "Photos copyrighted & owned by WPT Enterprises, Inc." (WSOP)& its related trademark owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment,Inc.
       World Poker Tour    Poker News    Card Player    Bluff

   Vegas 'Possibles' June'19 Megabucks $10,235,000 Wheel of Fortune(S.E.) $3,670,000
Wheel of Fortune(1.00) $1,270,000 Wheel of Fortune(5.00) $2,445,000
 & more! (note: Approximates for Nevada games! Call casinos for update & accuracy)

Hulacaneä Since 1970 -Libation for the Caribbean 'Big Blow' Winds!
                                        A Year Long Party!   
             'Purple Daze News Column':       ...& Taxes?
"Islamorada... a little purple spot in the Gulf Stream"ä
"The responsibility of leadership is not always without cost"  -- Mark Twain
Islamorada?... "With a pink hotel, a boutique...And a swinging hot spot...Don't it always seem to go...That you don't
know what you've got...Till it's gone...They paved paradise ...And put up a parking lot..." -Joni Mitchell
Update... Islamorada Village Manager... Maria Aguilar
Be Aware! Comet/Asteroid Emergency Impact Scale

Mail comments to:     P.O. Box 1119, Key West, FL, 33041
                                  Keys Society Section
 Society, Scandals & Scoundrels...  Sniffing Around Town'       
*News Watchdog for the Keys*      updates at
     'ConchFestä'...  Annual '' Awards  
      'KWTD's Annual Featured Restaurant Reviews'... 'Bone Award' 2019 & 'Fun Finger'
     Five Bone Highest! & Note: ConchFestä Wine Partner:
_______________send us your Society Event photos!______________
  Island Dogs Bar - Great 'Burger Plate' & nice bar... great service usually @'19
  La te da.. try the Cuban Nachos -one of Key West's best Mixologists... 'Outside bar!... '@'19
  Hard Rock Cafe is a winner with view of Duval &  great bar / burgers... best staff in Keys@''19
  Commodore Waterfront casual elegance of Key West... great steaks & Downstairs Bar! @'19
  Turtle Kralls - Tasty lunch broiled seafood platter ! @'19
  White Tarpon - hidden small bar at bight with a great deli and food @'19
  Sloppy Joe's - Would get four 'Bones' but we misssed the food... dog friendly staff bucket!'@'19
  Kelly's - Good place to wait for Pan Am Plane & Coconut Shrimp - nice ambiance@'19     
  Margaritaville - need to clean bathroom/change fryer grease someday - Go to 'Jack Flats'!'@'18
  Conch Republic Seafood Company has a good Hamburger as well as seafood! @'19
  Two Friends...good seafood -prices lofty for casual dining experience - & 'Karaoke Stars'@'19
  Amigos... wonderful small decor with Mex-Tex and Authenic Mexican Food! Great!@'19
  Hurricane Joe's/Hurricane Hole Complex - absolutely good food - service was prompt  @'19
  Michaels for Fondue & Best Steaks! Bartenders are Good! Dessert "Volcano" ... ! Scallops!!'@'19
  Schooner Wharf Bar -doggone good place to hangout & listen to two legged friends howl!@'19

  Year:  @ '19 & '20 Point  
Important Releases: Update on U.S. Government / TSA requirments for travelers at
Captain Cubaä Cigar-Wine & Yachtsman's Guide ...Certified Authority
Captain Cuba's ('Cuba' for short) Exclusive Cigar & Wine Ratings -  seen at
"Today's smoke is the best smoke!ä " -- 'Cuba'  
:The Captaincy General of Cuba (Spanish: Capitanía General de Cuba) was an administrative
district of the Spanish Empire created in 1607 as part of Habsburg Spain's attempt better
to defend the Caribbean against foreign powers...
Certified Cigar Grande Sommelier (CGSä)     Captain Cuba Star Brandä
FloridaKeys.US "Tidbits" & College Football Bowl Schedules @         WEIRD-SHOTS!ä
                        Sports              cautionrisqué                                                
                        Bahamas Drag Racing Association/BDRA organizes in Islands
                        Key West Bowl Committee looks at 2020 for possible college national title football game
               Researchers in Costa Rica for long-term Bioenzyme Research with NanoAlphaä
                        Bahamas Institute to sponsor 'Catch & Release'  fishing tournament in Grand Bahama in Aug. 2019  and other news...
                        Vespa & other motorcycle sales explode as the Florida Keys/Caribbean island citizens shift to cheaper cost transports
                        Key West Institute negotiates with Bahamas Authorities for 'AquaFood' research station based Long Island in Bahamas
    CONCHFEST.COM... "Liv'n at the end of the old water pipe"ä
                  'Kinkans' ä  (kinkans/kum´kwots) Small Trees with origins in China - sweet-scented white flowers, and small, orange-yellow
                  edible fruits which are eaten fresh or in preserves & also a Martini garnish... Fortunella of the family Rutaceae a close relative
to other citrus fruits &... a new Premier Club... 'Kinkans' ...
         KEYS FISH JOURNAL "morning catch in fishing news"Ô 1952
2019 Season El Niño & La Niña factor? El Niño is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific that has consequences for weather around the globe. Among its effects are increased rainfall across the southern tier of the United States, destructive flooding in Peru, drought in the western Pacific and devastating brush fires in Australia. In Florida, El Niño brings relief from drought conditions by dropping extra rain in the winter as well as creating upper level winds in the summer that tend to cut down on the number of tropical storms.  Lack of El Niño will be a factor for 2019 season. Renowned hurricane forecaster Dr. C. King predicts that El Niño will be dormant this year with major hurricane being 8 - Dr. King said "Come September I will drink a lot of Hulacanes ä "  (note: a Hulacane is a fresh Rum concoction that was invented by Dr. Kotas for Ernest in 1937 - Hulacane a TradeMark porperty of Key West Institute since 1939)"
Update: 2019?: La Niña weather pattern is giving way to El Niño? Hurricane Season is: June 1 through November 30.
Hurricane/T.S. Names 2019: Andrea - Barry - Chantal - Dean - Erin - Fernand - Gabrielle - Humberto - Imelda - Jerry - Karen
Lorenzo - Melissa - Nestor - Olga - Pablo - Rebekah - Sebastien - Tanya - Van - Wendy... more?! (Atlantic names)
Florida Keys Water Quality Beach Report/click Florida health department has established water quality section
Florida Health Department maintains a toll-free 24-hour recorded information line at 1.877.892.9585.
Key West Register / Official Report  -  Mean Monthly Water Temperature at Sand Key
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" -- Mahatma Gandhi
Moon Phase                   National Data Buoy Center:Sand Key FL

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