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* --Past: Key Colony Beach does not want improper name calling: Article IV Section 4-1 Mayor-Commissioner can be referred to as Mayor. And Section 2-66 Mayor- Commissioner "compensation for the Mayor-Commissioner of the City of Key Colony Beach, Florida is hereby established at the sum of two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) per meeting or workshop, attended or excused, payment not to exceed twenty-eight (28) meetings per fiscal year. A stipend shall be paid for each meeting attended or excused." calculation $ 7,000.00
* -- Monroe County Law : Only four dogs allowed at a building at a time unless you are a kennel - Does this include City Hall ?
Politics  Why we recommend: "No passion so effectively robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."- Edmund Burke
 ...KWR's Editorial Board offers its election recommendations to provide information that isn't readily available to many voters. The board does analysis on their character, background and opinions.  Board members review public records and files of news on the candidates' records.  The board also talks to people who know the candidates. Many voters have neither the time nor opportunity to make a thorough investigation of every candidate. Recommendation editorials are intended to give readers the benefit of the editorial board's research.
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Shake in a circular motion over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with wedge of lime.
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Marathon's Past Brain Center... - For Marathon Government Additional Information:Voters
City of Marathon
9805 Overseas Highway
Marathon, FL 33050
(305) 743-0033 Phone
(305) 743-3667 Fax

 MARATHON CITY COUNCIL - "The Heart of the Florida Keys"                    
   'VM' Mark Senmartin,'C' Dr. Dan Zieg, 'C' Steve Cook , John Bartus, Mayor Luis Gonzalez, City Manager George Garrett
Marathon: Settlements on the Islands of Marathon can be traced back to the early 1800s, when Bahamians established tropical-fruit farms and New England fishermen inhabited the region. In 1908, Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway reached Key Vaca, home to the village of Marathon and headquarters of the railroad's final Key West extension.
Spanning from Key Vaca to Sunshine Key is the area's most noted attraction, the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest segmental bridges in the world.   The Old Seven-Mile Bridge, running parallel to the modern span, was the final installment of Henry Flagler's Overseas Railway and a turn-of-the-century marvel that took four years to construct. The spirit of this trestle's past lingers still on five-acre Pigeon Key, below the bridge two miles west of Marathon. The island's museum contains artifacts from the Florida Keys railroad era, along with an antique postcard exhibit and photos depicting early life on Pigeon Key.


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Key West Institute Commemorative Medallion "Caring for Sustainable Resources"
Medallion created by Internationally awarded Wildlife Artist Mr. Dave Cusenza of the Pacific Northwest
Medallion $99.95 postage paid Florida Residents add sales tax
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- Malaria new mutated strain is being approached with the ancient Chineses herb called qinghaosu
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